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Learning Ally’s 2023 Great Reading Games National Audiobook Challenge Official Start January 9, 2023

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Educators using the Learning Ally’s Audiobook Solution are ready to kick off the 2023 Great Reading GamesA group of people holding a signDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

The seven-week national audiobook challenge is designed to get struggling readers reading, and to support educators who want to innovate their instruction, while sparking a joy of reading, and providing equitable access to grade-level books. 

Students who participate in the Great Reading Games are more engaged. They practice fundamental skills in vocabulary, fluency, background knowledge, and comprehension – all essential skills for future learning success. They become more confident readers who feel happier, and eager to read.

Learning Ally’s human-narrated audiobook library offers tens of thousands of titles to engage all ages and interests. Teachers across America look forward to the annual event to introduce students to new books they will enjoy, and provide culturally-relevant titles they can relate to. 

Each year, hundreds of U.S. districts participate in the Games to spur on a schoolwide culture of inclusive reading initiatives. In 2022, school participation jumped 156%, with more than 158,000 participants who read a total of 36.8 million pages for 31.5 million minutes.  

Great Reading Games Specifics

Beginning January 9, 2023, students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes or more each day. Pre-made teacher resources make implementation seamless for any classroom. Students who read the most audiobooks receive monetary gifts. Teachers and schools have opportunities to win prizes too. Accumulation of points occurs in one of twelve bracket leaderboards based on grade-level and school size. Data from the Learning Ally app keeps an automated tally of each student’s activity based on a sliding point schedule designed to reward them for reading inside and outside the school day. 

Point Schedule: 

  • 100 points for every day a student reads for 20 minutes on a weekday.

  • 50 points for every day a student reads 20 minutes on Saturday or Sunday.

  • 10 points for every page read and 1 point for every student that is reading.

  • Additional points for early participation in pre-game “Boost Up” activities.

Aggregate data from the Great Reading Games indicate that students who participate are three times more likely to excel in reading frequency, and 300% more likely to improve skills in comprehension, vocabulary, critical thinking, and learning independence. Students also demonstrate a deeper connection with peers and their teachers, and administrators. 

Meet the Author Live Event

The Games conclude with a livestream “Meet the Author” event for educators and students. This year, Carmen Agra Deedy, best-selling author of children’s literature, will host. Ms. Deedy learned she had dyslexia as an adult. She advises students to aim for learning to love reading, and success will take care of itself.

Dr. Terrie Noland, V.P. of Educator Initiatives at Learning Ally, said, “The New Year is a perfect time for educators to get their students energized to read. They read for fun. They feel empowered. They enjoy a positive camaraderie across the school community."

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