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How Can You Turn Struggling Readers Into Empowered Learners? 

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Learning Ally’s Jeffrey Ho Presents at 2018 Carnegie Foundation Summit

Educators, researchers, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and policymakers will gather on April 3-5, 2018 in San Francisco to attend the fifth annual Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education.

This three-day event attracts a diverse and vibrant community of professionals from around the world who are dedicated to accelerating improvement in education.

Among the presenters will be Learning Ally’s Jeffrey Ho, VP of Data Sciences who will discuss proven strategies to take “Struggling Readers to Empowered Learners” from his nonprofit’s work with U.S. school districts.

Jeff will address the needs of struggling learners who are not meeting reading proficiency goals due to language processing deficits often found in children with dyslexia. His poster session is among topics discussed during the Summit’s Leadership for Improvement strand.

"When it comes to students with learning disabilities, research has shown that their reading struggles often result from deep-seated difficulties in their brain’s ability to process language. Because of this challenge, many students build up emotional barriers to learning that come from a lack of self-belief. We want to change this, and with the right tools and resources, like human-read audiobooks, we can."

Jeff would like attendees at the Carnegie Foundation Summit to walk away with the knowledge to:

  • Understand the challenges schools face in creating a culture of continuous, sustained improvement to address the individual needs of struggling readers.
  • Learn how some K-12 schools have moved the dial toward greater levels of academic achievement by first employing strategies to strengthen non-academic skills to overcome emotional barriers to learning.
  • Identify key performance indicators used for tracking progress and student impact.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is an education thought leader committed to developing networks of ideas, individuals, and institutions to advance teaching and learning. The foundation brings together scholars, practitioners, and designers to solve problems of educational practice in new ways and to integrate the discipline of improvement science with the goal of building the field’s capacity.

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