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New Search Categories Make Finding Audiobooks & Textbooks Easy

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by Cher Ware, Classroom Integration Manager

Educators working to support struggling readers know that it can be difficult to help students find the right book. It can also be daunting to give students, who are decoding below grade-level, access to the instructional texts that are part of the curriculum. 

Learning Ally has an extensive library of over 80,000 human-read audiobooks including fiction, non-fiction, textbooks and primary source documents. With several ways to search for just the right audiobook, the browsing features of our audiobook library makes finding the right  books easy for students and educators. 

New! Browse by Curriculum

Educators can now search for audiobook titles which align to their curriculum to better support reading instruction. 

Curriculums included are:

  • ARC® Core 2017

  • Amplify ELa 2016

  • EngageNY 2016

  • Learnzillion

  • Pearson MyPerspectives™ 2017

  • Texas Education Agency Instructional Materials

The Declaration of Independence Book Cover - three revolutionary people marching Educators can also search our category called “Standards Aligned and Primary Source Documents” to find instructional text aligned to rigorous standards. This category includes primary source documents such as the Declaration of Independence or the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. If you use these texts in your classroom, make sure all students have equitable access with Learning Ally.

Grade and Subject

The Grade-Band Carousel, located on the Browse Audiobooks page, is organized into three categories: Excite in Elementary, Motivate in Middle and Encourage in High School. The carousel highlights titles which will engage students and keep them coming back for more reading. 

You might consider highlighting this search area with your students who are unsure how to search for a book they will enjoy. It’s an easy way to get them started previewing text and finding text that meets their interests. 

Searchers can also filter by categories such as grade and subject area. This is beneficial for educators who may be looking for a book on a specific topic like the Civil War, women in science, or books for a book club. This search feature can be especially helpful to students who may be browsing for a book on a topic in order to do research or discover a new book that matches their interests such as graphic novels. 

Photo of Dr. Martin Luther King - Book Cover Letter From a Birmingham Jail


Several options are available when searching by Category:

  • NEW! Recently Added - Students and educators can now find the latest additions to the Learning Ally audiobook library by searching in the Recently Added category. These books are updated frequently so be sure to revisit this browsing feature often. 

  • Great Starts - Includes highly engaging titles that will motivate readers, especially first-time readers to keep coming back to read. These titles are changed quarterly. 

  • VOICEtext - Learning Ally’s audiobooks are narrated by volunteers who help bring the story to life for readers. These books include audio and text together to provide students with multisensory learning experiences.


If using Lexile levels to find books for students to read, keep in mind that Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks allow students to read books at their comprehension level instead of their decoding level. With Learning Ally, students are given equitable access to grade-level text along with their peers. They can read books they need to read and the books they want to read. 

Whether an educator is looking for a book which aligns with curriculum or a student is looking for the latest young adult fiction, Learning Ally’s audiobook library makes finding that perfect book easy to do.

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