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Accelerating Learning During The Pandemic: Audiobooks for Hybrid and Distance Learning Environments

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The aftermath of school closures during this pandemic, summer learning loss, and the new norms of distance or hybrid learning settings have widened barriers to reading successfully for struggling readers. You can turn this scenario around, recover learning loss and transform struggling readers into grade level achievers, by applying a hybrid or distance learning plan with a proven reading accommodation and content that is accessible. 

Assigning human-narrated audiobooks provides equitable access to grade level content and bridges the gap between a student's reading ability and their cognitive capability. Learning Ally narrators are skilled voice artists who bring stories and curriculum, such as textbooks and literature, to life. Our solution gets students hooked on reading.

  • For younger students, build foundational skills to improve vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

  • For older students, increase reading speed so that they can keep pace with peers on assignments and develop critical thinking skills.

  • For all students, enhance reading and learning confidence no matter what grade level.

And when your struggling readers are reading independently, teachers have increased capacity to focus on group instruction and keep the class moving forward.


During school closures this past Spring, educator Marlene Moyer of South Lake Tahoe School District, implemented the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution with great success. “This is the tool that allows students to be successful and to be connected to grade level content,” Marlene Moyer. Hear her story.

What else can you do using The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution? 

With progress monitoring tools and professional development resources you can keep track of your students remotely and make certain that your teaching goals are met.

  • Review students’ reading progress, pages read, days read, frequency, and gain personal insight into reading interests and behaviors to develop individualized plans.

  • Report accountability using data and to document and celebrate reading success.

  • Learn with colleagues about the latest research and developments in the science of reading, dyslexia, early literacy and effective cognitive behavior learning approaches.

Accelerate Learning

Reading failure leads to an underlying belief that a student is incapable of learning.  Just like Ms. Moyer, you can prescribe Learning Ally Audiobooks to prevent or recover learning loss and jumpstart independent reading for your students. 

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