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Step 2: Launch

Launch audiobooks for students

Once students are created, you can begin to add books to their bookshelf and have them start to read through the Learning Ally Audiobook App

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Technology: Get your IT team and devices ready to use Learning Ally

Students can access Learning Ally on any device at your school, so you should:

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Find and integrate audiobooks

Add the books students need to read and allow them to add the books they want to read to their bookshelf. Learning Ally has engaging human-read audiobooks including:

  • Anchor texts aligned to your curriculum
  • Popular books for independent reading
  • Textbooks, study aids and primary source documents

Use audiobooks during independent reading time and learn how educators can also incorporate audiobooks into lesson plans during:

  • Whole-class instruction
  • Small-group instruction
  • Homework

Audiobook App: Use features 24/7

Students can easily access the Learning Ally Audiobook App to download and read books. Here are some features of our audiobook app:

  • Note sharing directly with the teacher
  • In-app dictionary to build vocabulary lists
  • Customize speed and colors for optimal learning experience

Try our onling reading experience- no app download needed!

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