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Step 1: Access

Access and set up in your school

The Learning Ally Audiobook solution will give your students equitable access to grade level content in all instructional settings and allow you to see students’ lives transformed! Next steps:

  • Determine which students are eligible
  • Learn about educator roles
  • Ensure educators and students have access
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Determine which students are eligible

The audiobook solution is designed for students with a reading deficit who struggle with:

  • Decoding
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Any educator (or other professional) who has experience observing students with a reading deficit, blindness or visual impairment, or physical disability can make the determination of eligibility. Learn More!

Learn About Educator Roles

The more educators in your school with access to Learning Ally, the more students will have access. Consider the following as you learn about Learning Ally's educator roles:

  • Implementation Owner- Owns the success of an effective implementation by ensuring educators are prepared, devices are ready, and student progress is monitored.
  • Data Manager- Responsible for the import of all educators and eligible students.
  • Administrator- Helps to keep the implementation of the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution on track by ensuring educators and families are engaged in supporting students’ reading.
  • Instructor- Uses the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution to ensure eligible students receive equitable access to grade-level content.

Ensure Educators & Students Have Access

Learning Ally offers several integration options, so you can determine the best way to create, update, and log in your educators and students to the Audiobook Solution.