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NYC Administrators Seeking Supplemental Reading Support Can Now Order The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution in FAMIS

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Learning Ally Stands Ready to Support NYC Administrators
As They Embark on New Universal Academic
Recovery Plan for Grades 1-10

Order The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution in FAMIS Now


NYC educators have embarked on a robust literacy screening and reading recovery program to serve thousands of students experiencing learning loss following COVID.

Early Literacy, Special Education, Social and Emotional Learning

The NYC Universal Academic Recovery Plan centers on six major areas including early literacy, special education services, and expanding social and emotional learning. These are areas where the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution truly excels to improve students' skill mastery, learning confidence, and ability to reach their full potential. 

How can Learning Ally support literacy, reading recovery and accelerate growth?

Learning Ally is an approved vendor in the NYC SHOPDOE FAMIS system. We stand ready to support NYC administrators and teachers in their efforts to be champions for equitable education and literacy-for-all, especially students at-risk. 

Our Audiobook Solution is an ideal reading supplement to ensure equity for the most vulnerable K-12 student populations in general and special education, including students with reading deficits, English Language Learners, and students with language-based learning deficiencies, like dyslexia, who typically have high intellect, but low reading ability. 

Equity and Access are Key 

Equity and access are pivotal for reading skill mastery, reading recovery, intervention and reading acceleration. In the Learning Ally audiobook library, educators can find required curricula, literature, and culturally-relevant titles aligned to school curriculum, for all grades and interests. 

Students who struggle with decoding will be able to read grade-level material. Teachers can complement their reading instruction and expand capacity to provide individualized learning support with accountability and fidelity. 

Notable differences between Learning Ally's Audiobook Solution and other brands are:

1) our accessible, multisensory app built for learning for anytime, anywhere reading,
2) human-narration to make stories and text come to life, and
3) culturally-responsive and relevant audiobook library which helps students to see themselves in the stories they read and become more engaged in reading.

What is a multisensory reading experience? 

Students receiving the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution will enjoy a multisensory reading experience. Seeing text and hearing text spoken authentically will improve comprehension and double the rate of reading growth for students, as proven in recent case studies. As importantly, human-read audiobooks naturally improve vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness, background knowledge and independent reading engagement. 

Components of Learning Ally’s Audiobook Solution:

  • multisensory reading app built for learning applications

  • 80,000 human-narrated textbooks, literature, and culturally-relevant titles

  • progress monitoring and data to individualize goals and report accountability

  • professional development courseware to enhance teachers' knowledge on the science of reading and improve daily reading practice

Download this PDF for more information on Learning Ally FAMIS offerings for NYC.

NYC administrators can request and/or purchase The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution using NYSTL and software-allocated funds. Shop Vendor 31659345 

We invite NYC administrators and all education leaders to explore our Audiobook Solution. Together, we can truly make a difference for children and adolescents who are at-risk of reading failure. 

Contact to discuss Learning Ally offerings in FAMIS. 

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is a six-time educational award winner in 2021 receiving T&L's Award of Excellence for Best Remote and Blended Learning Tool, SIIA Codie Finalist for Best Virtual Learning Solution, Fast Company's Innovative World Changing Ideas Award, Finalist for the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award, and T&L Award of Excellence for Best Back to School Solution for Secondary Education. 


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