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Learning Ally audiobooks are a powerful accommodation for students with a learning disability, dyslexia, blindness, vision impairment and/or physical handicap. Set up your CORE team and access resources to get students reading!

Audio Instructional Materials: Audio versions of instructional materials adopted under Proclamation 2010 forward must be ordered through the EMAT/EVI system.

Audio versions adopted prior to Proclamation 2010 will continue to be ordered from Learning Ally. Contact Gigi Franklin at 512.795.4308 or

Parents: Visit our community page to get involved.

Learn how to use your educator portal

Use Learning Ally's educator portal to create student accounts, assign audiobooks and monitor progress. It’s easy to get started using our interactive training videos and how to resources. After you add students, you can share their log in credentials for at-home access.

Additional Resources

Download these help guides for information on how to use your membership to the fullest. Learning Ally also makes it easy to start implementing audiobooks in your classroom with lesson plans and more.

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