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An online conference is a rich, interactive experience that replaces an in-person event. Attendees gather in a common, interactive virtual environment on the web, where they can watch live-streaming sessions, download materials from speakers and exhibitors, visit exhibitor booths and ask experts questions. They also can network with people of common interest or geography. Attendees can participate in live chats with fellow attendees during sessions, between sessions, and in lounge areas.
The conference is on Friday, December 4th from 9:00am to 5:30pm ET. The first session begins at 10 am after an opening introduction, and you are encouraged to visit the exhibit hall the evening before, during the live conference, or after the event. All speaker sessions will be recorded and available for 60 days and exhibitor booths will remain available as well for that period.
There are 20 sessions divided into 4 “rooms”, with each time session taking place at 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. There’s no reserving a seat for a session, so you can also pop in and out of sessions at your leisure. All sessions are recorded and you will have 60 days post-conference to access them – so if you miss one, you can listen and see it later. All materials are available during the session when you listen to it, or before or after in the resource library.
The keynote is from Noon ET until 12:45pm.
If you have a current (active) Learning Ally Household Membership for your child, your child is a Learning Ally YES member, or you are receiving Learning Ally audiobook services through your school district, you can receive the discount. Teachers, specialists and administrators working for a school or district that has an institutional membership to Learning Ally services (“Teacher Ally”) also qualify for the discount. Therapists, Evaluators, Specialists or Tutors listed in our public Learning Ally directories also are considered Learning Ally members. If you have a question about eligibility, please contact Debbie Byrne, Learning Ally Conference Coordinator at 609.243.5855 or email to
If you have a current (active) Learning Ally Household Membership there are scholarships for partial waiver of fees due to financial hardship. All those interested need to apply by emailing your name, your child’s name, postal address and reasons why you should receive a partial scholarship to Those under existing financial hardship waivers for Learning Ally membership automatically qualify, but an email must request the partial scholarship for this conference.
Sure! Remember that the event is designed for providing information and practical advice to the community as a whole. There will be sessions where research and educator best practices will be shared, but it is not a specifically a research or educator conference.
Yes, but you will need to purchase a login and provide attendee information for anyone viewing the conference. Please contact us in advance: Debbie Byrne, Learning Ally Conference Coordinator , 609.243.5855 or

In order to get a certificate of attendance for all viewers, we will ask that you send us the attendee information with sign-in and sign-out times that you validate, and then we can send the attendance certificates.
No, we are not providing CEU’s for this event. We will provide certificates of attendance to all registrants indicating they are teachers, administrators or therapists after verification of actual attendance for a minimum of 2 hours.
Since this is an online event, the only place you need to go is in front of your computer! We will be sending you updates and a "Success Kit" to walk you through all our best known practices to ensure that your online experience in our environment is the best possible. Be sure to bookmark this site, too! You'll be able to enter from these pages on the day of the event.
Yes. If you are using a tablet or iPAD, you need to download the free XPOCAST app from either iTunes or the Google App store. Click Here to view the supported web browsers for tablets and phones.
The system provides you with a “briefcase” to download materials during a session. Many of the documents are listed under “Resources” as well. You may always go back to the recorded session during the 60 days of access to download the materials later if you wish.
If you should miss the event or some of the speakers, you will be able to access the platform and its recorded content on demand. For all registrants, we will be sending a follow up email after the event inviting you to view the archived event at your leisure for 60 days – until February 4, 2016. You will only need to use your same username and password that you used to register initially for the event.
In most cases firewalls will not pose any problem. You should be able to participate in the entire event even if your company has a firewall in place. There is a port checker in the system check. This will allow you to see any potential issues. To run the system check, click here.
To receive your login and password information, please email with your information, as well as the name of the event that you registered for. Also, to ensure receipt of future emails pertaining to the online events, please whitelist your email address.

For whitelisting instructions, click here.

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If you need further help or have any questions about registration or conference events you may contact any of the people listed below.

Cathy Weber - Exhibitor Coordinator


Debbie Byrne - Registration, payments and PO's


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For all general information or technical support regarding the online platform, please send an email to