Over 10 million students struggle to read 

You can help provide 1,231 students, who lack the financial means, gain access to Learning Ally's educational tools by 12/31.

Give The Gift of Learning this Holiday Season

If you, your child, or a family member struggle with a learning difference such as dyslexia or know someone with a visual impairment, you've seen firsthand how the need to read is essential and how quickly the need to read can become an impediment to learning. Having difficulties reading can impact student's life in and out of the classroom. We at Learning Ally are proud to support student success.

Together We Can Help Break the Cycle of Failure

20% of students who struggle to read drop out of high school

60% of struggling readers engage in substance use or gang affiliation due to social isolation and lack of self-esteem.

49% funded

$80,032.38 raised

Goal: $165,000.00

Don't Let Our Students Fall Through the Cracks

Your gift will help students and families, who lack the financial means, gain access to educational content that will help them keep up with their peers, giving them the confidence to actively participate in class, and ultimately reach their academic ambitions and potential.  With over 10 million students struggling to read, you can give the gift of learning and transform a life today.

Make a one-time gift or create your own fundraising page and ask your family and friends to give you the best gift this holiday season.

1,231 new students in need can gain access to Learning Ally's educational solution by 12/31 with your help. Together, we can raise $166,185 by Dec. 31, 2017.

Donations of any size help us reach our goal!

More Audiobooks for Student Success

Raise $1,000 and you can provide students with more of the books they need and want to read. You can also get a book dedicated in someone's honor.

Encourage Independent Learning

Raise $2.500 and you can help develop reading programs like Great Reading Games, encouraging reading frequency, resulting in improved comprehension and fluency.

Transform the Lives of a School of Students

Raise $5,000 and you can sponsor a school or even a whole district to gain access to Learning Ally's educational solutions and tools.

Student Advocacy Membership

Donate $65 and you can provide students with a membership to our self-advocacy program and in-person events.

Access to Audiobooks 

Donate $135 and you can provide a year of unlimited audiobooks for a student.

College Success Program

Donate $270 and you can sponsor two college students who are blind or visually impaired.