Announcing the #ReadandRaise Campaign

Transforming the lives of students who struggle with the printed word.




Can you decipher this?

1 in ϛ Amcirean Stneduts stggurle to raed the prtnied wrod due to dyxelsia and retaled leinrang distilibaies 20% of stneduts wtih leinrang distilibaies dorp out of hgih scoohl. Edotacurs Say Learning Ally Wskro!

How’d that go? How did it make you feel? Were you able to decipher the message? Imagine the frustration and anxiety a student with a learning disability experiences when trying to read the printed word. Together, we can help struggling readers succeed academically and believe in themselves, so they can achieve their goals and dreams – ultimately changing the direction of their lives. Donate today and get the word out!

Create Your Own Building Books Campaign Fundraiser

We want to give students the solutions they deserve thus moving them beyond just reading what they can decipher to true comprehension. These kids do not need to struggle! We can make an impact on their lives by giving them the tools they need and deserve to reach their academic potential and to succeed in life.

Donation Suggestions:

$65 can support our Student Advocacy Program