How to Request Materials from Your Professor Email templates you can use to communicate effectively

The following email templates will help you to write assertive but polite requests for handouts from your professors, remind your professor if she has forgotten to email handouts you need and thank your professor for her help.  Remember that before you email requests, it’s always best to talk with your instructor in person.  For instance, some instructors may automatically email handouts to all students, so you may not need to request them for those courses.  Other instructors will email everything promptly after just one personal conversation.


Initial Request

Subject: Request for Handouts


Dear Professor ___:

Earlier this week, I introduced myself {WHEN – before class, after class}. I am (insert name), the student {with a visual impairment or who is blind}taking your English 101 course. I’m looking forward to working with you this semester!

As you complete handouts or presentation slides to supplement the texts, would you please email those to me before the relevant class? This way, I can access them on my computer, check in with a reader if I need to about their content and come to class fully prepared to participate effectively in the discussion.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Your Name



Subject: Reminder: Request for Handouts


Dear Professor ___:

Thanks very much for agreeing to email me handouts ahead of time. Your efforts make my academic experience as accessible as possible and I appreciate it. I haven’t received the handouts for the upcoming lecture on {DATE}. Will you please send them as soon as possible? I look forward to hearing back from you.


Your Name


Thank You Email


Dear Professor ____:

Thank you very much for (insert the type of accommodation or extra help the professor gave). Your thoughtful attention to my learning helped to make the class accessible for me.


Your Name

Expressing your gratitude goes a long way toward having friends and allies both on your campus and throughout your professional life.

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