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Key Components for Beginners: Letter Knowledge, Phoneme Awareness, and Handwriting

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Are you deciding what kind of early reading program should be used in your school or school district? Are you a teacher aiming to provide best practices in foundations of reading to your students? The full article summarizes what has been learned about key components for beginners: letter knowledge, phoneme awareness, and handwriting, as well as about the value of combining these elements systematically. In addition, explanations are provided about two misunderstandings about these topics that have led to faulty recommendations in frequently used programs, standards, and legislative requirements for literacy instruction. 

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About the Author
Susan Brady, Emeritus Faculty, University of Rhode Island

Susan Brady received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Connecticut and presently is an Emerita Professor of Psychology at the University of Rhode Island. In prior years she held positions at the University of Sussex, St. Andrews University, and Haskins Laboratories. Concentrating on topics in the field of literacy, her research interests are in language factors in reading development and the nature of language weaknesses for struggling readers. In addition, she is passionate about the importance of translating the implications of the larger body of reading research for practice in order to strengthen teacher preparation and classroom practices. 

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