Kelsey Waldron

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Education Path: Carleton College

Winner of Marion Huber Learning Through Listening (LTL) Award for Student with a Learning Disability


After graduating from St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, Colorado, I am now living in Northfield, Minnesota, attending Carleton College. I am currently taking a variety of courses, exploring different areas of study before settling on a major next year. While my courses this term include Calculus 2, Israeli and Palestinian Literature, and Comparative Political Regimes, in the future I will likely focus more precisely on political science and history, as these are the subjects where my passions lie.

I have yet to set my sights on a specific career, however I could imagine myself working abroad for an NGO, helping to empower women and girls in their local communities and improve literacy rates. While I am unsure of my future, I am currently enjoying exploring all areas of study, knowing I have the resources to succeed.