About Our Audiobooks

boys listening to audiobooks

Whether you do it with your eyes or your ears, you’re still reading. Audiobooks help students with learning differences become better learners. Find the books you love and get started reading using our free app, Link.

1 in 5 Initiative

An online community designed specifically for dyslexic students. Explore1in5 is a safe place for students to learn, share and connect.

YES! Program students at a high ropes course

College Success Program

A new research-based program designed to give students who are blind or visually impaired support throughout college.

The YES! Program

Currently in Colorado, New Jersey, Utah and Massachusetts, YES! is an in-person program that pairs younger students with learning differences with an older YES! Ambassador who is trained to help guide them through a series of goals.

Audiobooks for College and Adult Learners

Reading and learning are still accessible long after your classes end. Our library includes best-selling novels and popular fiction, as well as materials for college and professionals. Learning Ally provides adult members with the resources necessary to get the reading help they need to achieve their goals.

College student reading audiobook from Learning Ally