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The use of Learning Ally audio books for kids with dyslexia are restricted to those who have a demonstrated learning disability, visual impairment, or physical disability that makes it difficult to read using traditional print. For legal reasons, we require documentation from a qualified professional for each member.

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Assistive Technology

Top dyslexia reading programs to help your child learn and become independent. 

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Why Audiobooks?

Assistive technology for help with dyslexia and reading comprehension.

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Self Advocacy

Creating resiliency, self-advocacy and connections

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Reading Specialist Directory

Does your child struggle with reading?

Find a reading specialist in your area to help determine if your child can benefit from interventions and get in-depth support helping your child read at grade-level.

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Get tips, strategies, and recommendations from reading specialist to help your child succeed in school and beyond.

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Dyslexia Books, Help & Resources

Parents get your child the dyslexia help they need from leading dyslexia experts and reading specialists on IEPs, 504 plans, specific learning disabilities and so much more.

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Helping Struggling Readers at All Levels

Is My Child Dyslexic?

Understanding dyslexia as a learning difference. 

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IEP & 504 Plans?

Know Your child's legal educational rights. 

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Multi-Sensory Learning

Effective books for dyslexia, reading interventions and programs.

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