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Learning Ally’s programs are rooted in evidence-based practices that align with the latest research on how students learn to read. By focusing on the science of reading, Learning Ally equips educators and students with the tools and resources necessary to bridge the literacy gap, empowering all students to become confident and proficient readers.

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Brain-Based Literacy Instruction

This comprehensive, innovative program includes five instructional units, each featuring a two-hour Deep Learning Workshop session and a corresponding one-hour Community of Practice session, for a total of fifteen programmatic hours that provide the understanding, tools, and practice necessary to apply the science of reading and close the literacy gap.

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Learning Ally Audiobook Solution®

The audiobook solution harnesses the power of the science of reading to support struggling readers, spanning from grade school to high school, in accessing grade-level content effortlessly. By eliminating the obstacles that hinder literacy, students can effectively engage with the text, enabling them to read and achieve.

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Excite Reading®

Excite Reading, deeply rooted in the principles of the science of reading, establishes the cornerstone for comprehension skills development with its extensive collection of authentic children’s e-books, covering themes from social studies, science, and the arts. Through time-saving lessons, this program adopts a comprehensive approach to vocabulary and background knowledge instruction, fostering engaging discussions that guide students in forming meaningful connections as they engage in reading activities.

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Leadership and the Science of Reading: An Honest Look at the Joys and Challenges of School Transformation

This edWeb Panel is a chance to hear from school leaders about their experiences in transforming school literacy systems and curricula. As thought leaders from the field pose questions relating to the journey, school leaders each discuss aspects of the shifts in instructional practices within their schools and districts and the positive results they have seen.

Presented by: Laura Stewart, Nancy Young​, Donna Hejtmanek​, Casey Bertram​, Danielle Thompson, and Pati Montgomery​.

Moderated by ​Terrie Noland.

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Discover the Science of Reading Growth Pack

Our Science of Reading Growth Pack provides practical, comprehensive training in research-based reading instruction. Find out how to implement the science of reading effectively in your district and improve the literacy outcomes of all of your students.

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