Bridge the Gap for Struggling Readers

classroom reading

Combine intensive reading instruction with accessible content from audiobooks to improve student outcomes.

The Wilson Reading System® teaches struggling readers how to become independent readers. Learning Ally’s collection of human-narrated audiobooks fills the gap in content knowledge for the students who are still developing fluency and comprehension, and supplements the multisensory instruction they are receiving.

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Barbara Wilson recommends audiobooks

Here’s how Learning Ally’s audiobooks help:

Learning Ally’s human-narrated books

Have a positive effect on fluency, expression, prosody and inflection that exceeds any synthetic voice option available.

Background knowledge and vocabulary

Two critical skills needed for students to become fluent and independent readers.

VOICEtext books

Highlight words as students read – reinforcing sight recognition and decoding skill development.

Keeps students engaged

Listening to audiobooks allows students to enjoy age-appropriate titles and helps them stay on track with classwork.