Professional Learning Workshops and Programs

Informed by the science of reading and designed to have a sustained impact on educator practices and instructional outcomes.

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Our Model for Effective Professional Learning

Research shows that educators who receive professional learning on a comprehensive and ongoing basis can increase their students’ achievement levels by over 20%. That is why our professional learning is designed to be ongoing and features both opportunities to practice as well as follow-up coaching and support.


Effective Brain-Based Literacy Instruction

This comprehensive, innovative program includes five instructional units, each featuring a two-hour Deep Learning Workshop session and a corresponding one-hour Community of Practice session, for a total of fifteen programmatic hours that provide the understanding, tools, and practice necessary to apply the Science of Reading and close the literacy gap.

  • Deep Learning

  • Communities
    Of Practice

  • Hybrid

  • Instructional

Deep Learning Workshops

Take a deep dive into the essential knowledge and skills needed to support reading growth in the classroom.

Each Deep Learning Workshop is a two-hour interactive learning session designed to build instructional capacity that drives effective literacy instruction.

Communities Of Practice

Unpack what you’ve learned in the Deep Learning Workshop sessions and make them stick.

Each one-hour Community of Practice session is aligned to the specific problem of practice focused on in the most recent Deep Learning Workshop session and provides opportunities for educators to level-up their learning through collaboration and discourse.

Hybrid Learning

Finding time for professional learning can be a struggle. That is why Learning Ally has developed a new online professional learning hub.

The platform gives participants on-demand access to all of the Deep Learning Workshop content so they can learn on their own terms and still come together for live online Communities of Practice sessions.

Instructional Coaching

Customize your program with one-on-one and small group Instructional Coaching.

Learning Ally Instructional Coaching offers a personalized, sustained support for educators that follows an evidence-based framework within a tailored coaching cycle. It provides a safe space to address achievement-related challenges and foster the co-creation of specific goals with the guidance and expertise to meet them.

Dyslexia Awareness Training

More than just a workshop, Learning Ally’s Dyslexia Awareness Training Program for Educators and Leaders is a comprehensive course for both classroom educators and school leaders, composed of live online workshops, individual and small-group coaching, and collaborative communities of practice.

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Workshops for Educators

Learning Ally’s Dyslexia Awareness Training for Educators features three hours of live online workshops delivered in one day or in three 60-minute sessions. It is delivered by grade band, either K-5 or 6-12, and focuses on how to identify and support students with dyslexia.

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Workshops for Leaders

Learning Ally’s Dyslexia Awareness Training for Leaders is a 2-hour live online experience that can also be split into two 60-minute sessions. They focus not only on how to support students with dyslexia but also how to support the teachers working with them day-to-day.

Professional learning should not only bring educators the most current research but also support them as they develop, implement, and refine strategies that align with that research.

Brent Hartsell, Director of Solutions for Professional Learning at Learning Ally