Audiobook Solution

Support educators and DOUBLE student reading growth!

  • Accelerate reading recovery
  • Give access to grade-level content
  • Double students' reading in just 50 days
Schools are turning to Learning Ally to support their students who are at risk of falling behind because they struggle to read grade-level text. At a time when schools are also facing an imperative to be inclusive and accessible to all families, Learning Ally is a powerful partner.
In an evaluation, when examining students who engaged with the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution at rates indicative of reading with frequency, they typically achieved about double the rate of reading growth.

65% of American students read at a level considered below proficient.

Through a school solution partnership, break-through results were achieved.

Challenges and Results

  • Students used the Learning Ally Audiobook App to download human-read audiobooks and read, thereby developing essential comprehension and background knowledge necessary to make progress in their education.
  • Educators used the Learning Ally Educator Portal to help students select books and monitor their progress during school and throughout the summer.

When examining students who engaged with the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution at rates indicative of reading with frequency, they typically achieved about double the rate of reading growth.

In addition to students making about double the rate of reading growth, the probability of students achieving a full grade level of reading growth was almost twice as likely to occur when students were engaged in reading with the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution at rates approaching reading with frequency.

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90% of educators agree that Learning Ally helps students:

  • Achieve academically
  • Access grade-level reading materials
  • Comprehend grade-level text
Learning Ally can be used in any classroom.

By offering students the use of human-read audiobooks coupled with highlighted text, educators can help their K-12 students whether they are learning to read or reading to learn. 

Gives Educators an Easy-to-Implement Solution

After a long day of teaching, it's no wonder that educators have little time or patience to wrestle with complicated, new technology tools. Educators will love the web-based teacher portal, allowing them to view their students' progress from anywhere. They'll also appreciate that it is device-agnostic; their students can read on any school-issued or personal device, important especially when school-issued devices are sparse.

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What Teachers Say

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