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In a recent K-8 study in Denver, the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution was found to double the rate of reading growth in only 50 days. Students experienced all the benefits of exciting literacy gains, including academic achievement, improved self-confidence and class participation, and reduced stress replaced by an enjoyment of learning!


Introducing Whole Child LiteracyTM

We approach literacy skills development with a holistic lens on the unique variables surrounding each students’ learning ability and difference. Driven by research and evidence surrounding the science of reading, and an understanding the cognitive variables and socio-emotional influences of home and environment that may impact learning, we bring the latest research into practice, helping educators effectively customize their literacy instructional practices to meet each students’ specific needs, and building each student’s intellectual curiosity and confidence to spur academic growth and positively change their life achievement trajectories.

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The Audiobook Solution

Ensure equitable access to grade-level content for Grades K-12

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The largest library of human-read audiobooks with read-along highlighted text, including popular fiction, literature, and textbooks

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Authentic, human-read narration improves phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and fluency skills

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Diverse libraries ensure engagement and help your students see themselves in the content they read

Hear from Literacy Experts

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Listen: Literacy Leaders Know How to Respond to NAEP Scores on the Learning Ally Podcast with Dr. Terrie Noland and Dr, Molly Ness

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Watch: What Every Administrator Needs to Know About the Science of Reading in PK-2 presented by Linda Diamond, founder and former president for the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education

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