Unlocking student potential through equitable literacy solutions

We believe all students should have equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Empower literacy support with the science of reading

A wealth of global, cross-disciplinary research pinpointing essential reading skills and effective teaching strategies. Get resources to support your students, and learn how our solutions can help you achieve quick wins. 

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1 in 5 students may be dyslexic. Let us help you empower them.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition that impacts a person's ability to decode and process written language efficiently. Supporting students with dyslexia requires a comprehensive approach that recognizes their unique needs, and a learning environment that empowers them to reach their full potential.

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Learning Ally Audiobook Solution®

Learning Ally's audiobook solution helps striving readers, from grade school to high school, access grade level content with ease. By removing the barriers to reading, students are able to read and learn.

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Professional learning workshops and programs

Research shows that educators who receive professional learning on a comprehensive and ongoing basis can increase their students’ achievement levels by over 20%. That is why our professional learning is designed to be ongoing and features both opportunities to practice, as well as follow-up coaching and support.

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Reading frequency has increased across the district without students even knowing that they are learning. We are proud to be a Learning Ally District.

Anita A., Assistant Superintendent, East Orange School District

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Efficacy Resources

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Efficacy Study

Learning Ally Efficacy Study

The Learning Ally Audiobook SolutionTM has been proving its effectiveness as a reading accommodation for more than 70 years.

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White Paper

Audiobooks and Reading Achievement White Paper

Provides a review of the literature on audiobooks in K–12 education.

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Case Study

Doubling the Rate of Reading Growth

Educators doubled the rate of reading growth in just 50 days when reading with frequency with the Learning Ally Audiobook SolutionTM