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The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is designed to bridge the gap between a student’s ability to decode text and their capacity to understand the content.

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Learning Ally’s Audiobook Solution can help double the rate of reading growth

65% of American school children read below proficiency level. Learning Ally’s audiobook solution helps striving readers, from grade school to high school. Independent reading gives all students the skills and self-esteem to succeed in school and in life.

Turn striving readers into achievers

As children progress through school, they move from learning to read to reading to learn. Learning Ally’s Audiobook Solution helps them keep up with their learning with each passing grade.

  • High School

  • Middle School

  • Elementary

High School: Prepare for the Future

By the time students reach high school, they’re dreaming about their future. It’s important that students stay on top of their classes, and stay in school, in order to chase and achieve those big dreams.

Throughout high school, the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution helps students reach their academic potential by building stamina so that they can stay on top of heavy workloads.

Middle School: Level the Learning Field

As students progress through school, learning shifts from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Students struggling with reading comprehension will have trouble in all of their classes as literacy becomes even more important for overall comprehension and critical thinking.

Here, the Learning Ally Audiobook Solution ensures that students don’t fall behind. And it supports students in their growth and development as the curriculum gets more sophisticated.

Elementary School: Build the Foundation for Learning

The early years are critical for building foundational knowledge, vocabulary, and comprehension. If children do not develop reading skills by grade 4, then they rarely catch up with their peers. Elementary school is an important time to prevent the reading gap from widening.

The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution helps students master basic reading skills so that they keep up with their classmates and feel confident in their reading independence.

An immersive, multi-sensory experience

For students struggling with literacy, listening to real people narrate while following highlighted text on a screen helps them model fluent reading over time. Students can read the same books as their peers, allowing them to participate in class discussion with confidence.

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Removes barriers to reading skills development

Audiobook technology helps students distinguish letters and letter patterns that form words. Hearing real people read builds oral fluency and cuts down reading time, while students improve vocabulary and comprehension. Students have the satisfaction of reading independently, which increases their self-esteem, and success in school.

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Access anywhere, anytime

Students can download books onto their personal, online bookshelf, which can be accessed both at school and at home 24/7. The Learning Ally Audiobook Solution is compatible with PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android and iOS devices

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Support for educators

Designed with teachers in mind, the audiobook solution is easily integrated into your existing curriculum.. Educators can use progress-monitoring tools to manage assignments and provide up-to-date reports to both parents and administrations.

You become a better reader by reading. You become a better writer by reading. You become a better mathematician by reading.

Yukima Vannoy, Supervisor of Secondary ELA, EOSD

Educators reported that with the Learning Ally
Audiobook Solution:

of students became
independent readers

of students were able comprehend
assigned grade-level reading

of students saw improvement
in their vocabulary skills

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