Winslow Coyne Reitnouer Excellence in Teaching Award

The Winslow Coyne Reitnouer Excellence in Teaching Award honors teachers on the leading edge of best practices that help students with print disabilities succeed in the mainstream classroom. It has been made possible by longtime Learning Ally friend and supporter Winnie Reitnouer, a champion for great teachers and success for all students who learn differently.

Complementing the prestigious National Achievement Awards that the organization has presented for decades to remarkable students with print and reading-based disabilities, we are thrilled to recognize exemplary educators for their leadership and innovative efforts in the classroom.

In addition, our awards team highlights the achievements of several teachers with Special Honors recognition. Nominations for the 2018 Excellence in Teaching Awards will open in August.

Amy Kalinchuk Denver, Colorado

Amy is a special education teacher at Hamilton Middle School, Denver Public Schools; Denver CO. She is passionate about inspiring a love of literacy for her students and incorporates colorful creativity in her approach to teaching. Amy invites the parents and family members of her students to take part in their reading experience, creating a community of learning around them at home as well as at school; and she is gifted at showing students just how much they can achieve

when they learn to advocate for themselves. For the past several years Amy has greatly expanded her knowledge around working with students who learn differently through a wide array of training, webinars, and conferences; and she is recognized by her principal at Hamilton as a leader in conveying best practices to her fellow faculty members. Hear Amy's acceptance speech below

Connie Bagley San Marcos, Texas

Connie is a special educator and reading specialist at Crockett Elementary School, San Marcos CISD; San Marcos TX. She has worked with students who have dyslexia and learning differences for over 23 years. Connie brings vast instructional knowledge and experience not only to the classroom but to her entire district. Thanks to her influence, the San Marcos school system has built a model program for students with dyslexia. She has appeared on TV news programs, in the press, and in many community events to expand public awareness. For the past two years, students at Crockett Elementary have demonstrated how profoundly impactful her teaching approach is by enthusiastically participating in Learning Ally's Great Reading Games and

winning the highest levels of the national competition. With a panoramic range of training and development experience in supporting students with print disabilities, Connie exemplifies best practices and continues to draw passionate accolades from students, parents and fellow educators. Hear Connie's acceptance speech below

Hear from Connie and Amy


2017 Special Honors

Stephanie Bochenek

Peotone Junior High School | IL

Elizabeth Hauser

Grayslake North High School | IL

Sue Black

Chula Vista Hills Elementary School | CA

Suzann Vera

Cowan Elementary School | TX

Janet Hanlon

Traut Core Knowledge Education Center | CO

Katherine Young

Grayslake North High School | IL

Joyce Rosenblum

Steck Elementary | CO

Loretta Barneycastle

J.J. Jones Intermediate School | NC

Lacey Jo McNay

Pioneer Elementary School | WA

Sherri Turnquist

Dr. E.T. Boon Elementary School | TX

Katherine Samuel

Millennium High School | NY

Martha Hogge

St. Mary School | IL

Elizabeth Diane Garbooshian

Parkview Elementary School | MI