A Cost-Effective, Proven Solution for Your Struggling Readers

An Inclusive Classroom Solution for Struggling Readers in Catholic Schools

For Catholic schools with limited resources and tight budgets, meeting the needs of struggling readers can be a challenge. Cost-effective solutions are available to support struggling readers and ensure that Catholic education continues to be accessible for all students.

Learning Ally’s audiobook solution is designed to support struggling readers, including students reading below grade level and those diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning differences. With a library of human-read audiobooks, Learning Ally gives students access to the books they want to read and grade-level content they need to read.

Easy to implement and accessible through Title funds, Learning Ally’s audiobook solution helps to ensure equitable access to grade-level content and a continued focus on inclusive classrooms. We partner with more than 90 Diocesan programs across the country to help students reach their academic potential.

Listen to Catholic school leaders share their experiences using Learning Ally in their schools.

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