Audiobooks in the Classroom

Using audiobooks in a classroom setting has been proven to improve:

Reading Comprehension

Research has proven reading comprehension improves by 76% for students who utilize audiobooks.

Self Esteem

Students feel empowered to own their education and their success with reading no longer being a barrier because of audiobooks.

in the Classroom

Students can keep up in class by listening to their textbooks through their device. Giving them confidence to raise their hand in the classroom.

All leading to better classroom outcomes and success rates.

Benefits of Using Audiobooks in the Classroom

  • Access to 80,000 audiobook textbook and literature titles – the largest of its kind in the world.
  • Functionality which enables students to effectively navigate through the material.
  • Each Learning Ally audiobook is human read by narrators who specialize in every subject area.
  • VOICEtext format including on screen highlighted text synced with audio narration.
  • Textbooks fully aligned with Common Core State Standards with extensive collections in STEM subjects.
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Student reading an audiobook on his tablet

How to Implement Audiobooks

Here are some valuable tips from your colleagues on how to effectively utilize audiobooks in your classroom.

Tips for Teaching & Learning with Audiobooks

Students Love Learning

Students find keeping up in class easier and their learning more enjoyable with Learning Ally as a tool in their tool kit for success.