Park Vista Community High School

Winner of Winslow Coyne Reitnouer Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

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Park Vista Community High School, Lake Worth, FL

The Park Vista Community High School reading department in Lake Worth, Florida, has created an environment of truly addressing the reading deficits many of our students face when they enter high school. We are a diverse team that unifies as a department to implement the very best reading strategies for our students by honing in on student strengths and weaknesses which explicitly gear our instruction to meet the wide range of needs our students possess. Our teachers are ready and willing to go the extra mile to assist our students’ needs by seeking out professional training, additional certifications, and researching the best programs to help students become more successful with their reading. Learning Ally is one of the many programs we utilize to help our students reach new heights with their reading by giving them the extra tools they need to become better learners. By earning the Learning Ally Winslow Coyne Reitnouer Excellence in Teaching Award, we feel that this exemplifies our strength and unity as team, and as a school site, to create avenues for our students to excel with not only their reading skills, but with becoming life-long learners.