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Christian spirituality five views of sanctification

by Alexander Donald


How can we grow closer to God? Is there a secret to spriritual life? Do we need a second blessing? Is sanctification God's work or ours? Is it instantaneous or is it a process?The nature of Christian spirituality has been widely debated throughout the history of the church. The doctrine of sanctification was one of the main fissures separating Luther from the Catholic Church. Even today different groups of Protestants disagree on how we draw closer to God. What distinguishes the different poisitions and what exactly is at stake in these recurring debates?To answer these questions Donald L. Alexander, professor of biblical theology at Bethel College, has brought together five scholars that represent each of the main historical Protestant traditions:Gerhard O. Forde on the Lutheran vewSinclair B. Ferguson on the Reformed viewLaurence W. Wood on the Wesleyan viewRussell P. Spittler on the Pentecostal viewE. Glenn Hinson on the Contemplative viewWith an introduction by Alexander and responses to each of the main essays by the other contributors, this book provides a helpful and stimulating introduction to an important doctrine of the church.

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