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Secrets in the house of Delgado

by Miklowitz Gloria D.


In 1492 people of the Jewish faith were leaving Spain by the thousands. Not even the Conversos, those who had converted to the Catholic faith, were safe. Inquisitors sought out heretics and encouraged informers to report anyone who might not be a "pure" Catholic. Those accused were then questioned and tortured. Many confessed to anything that would stop their torture. Those declared "guilty" could be burned at the stake.

In this atmosphere of uncertainty and terror, fourteen-year-old Maria finds herself alone and homeless. The Church assists Maria by offering her the opportunity to work for the Delgados, a wealthy Converso family. But the church also asks something of her in return . . .

"Secrets in the House of Delgado confronts issues of faith and bigotry, while wrestling with questions of loyalty, betrayal, and the secrets that may lie in every human heart.

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Copyright year 2001
ISBN-13 9780802852106
ISBN-10 0802852106
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Publisher Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
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