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Teacher Appreciation Week - We Need Your Help!

Categories: Education & Teaching, Parenting

Think back to your favorite teacher. Did she encourage you to try something new? Did he have aquariums all over your biology classroom? Did she inspire you to go after your dreams? May 4-8, 2015 is the week our nation will thank teachers everywhere as part of National Teacher Appreciation Week. At Learning Ally, we want you to join the party with us! We encourage you to share your story in a variety of ways:
  • Send a short :30 second video telling us about your special teacher, and post it to our Facebook page.
  • Write a sentence about your teacher and tag us on Twitter @LearningAlly
  • Send us an Instagram Photo
  • Share your story and photo on our Facebook page
No matter which social platform you use, make sure to use the hashtag #ThankATeacher We can't wait to hear from you! To inspire you, here is a story one of our members, Jenny Hardesty, shared about her daughter's favorite teacher: My daughter's 5th grade reading support teacher was a godsend. We were new to the school district and of course Teacher and Studenthad horrible experiences prior and expected the same. Shauna Brunner contacted me right away and I of course bit her head off. She didn't take it personal and went on to explain how she was going to help Sydney.  Sydney entered 5th grade reading at the 2nd grade half year level.  We had been doing weekly OG tutoring for a year at this point. By January of her 5th grade year, our tutor said she had come so far that we no longer had to go! Sydney's tutor and Shauna spoke on the phone to make sure they were explaining things the same way. Shauna was and continues to be there for Sydney even though she is now in middle school.  By the time the year had ended, Syd was reading at a 5th grade level! A monster improvement and a much larger jump then anyone would have thought possible! Shauna and I have become great friends, and I forward her lot of the information from Learning Ally as she is always trying to learn more on how she can help children with learning differences. I can't speak highly enough of her and am so grateful to have her in our lives.