Unlocking Student Potential
through Equitable Literacy Solutions

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What Drives Us

We believe all students should have equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

There’s a reason we’re passionate about literacy. After all, it’s the foundation of learning. Yet, today, 65% of fourth graders in the U.S. read below proficiency levels and are 400% more likely to drop out of high school. For the most vulnerable students - black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC), low income, English Language Learners and students with learning disabilities - the crisis is even more acute, and has persisted for decades. Our educational ecosystems require a new response to the needs of our students.

4th Grade Students
Below Proficiency Levels
More Likely to Drop Out
of High School
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Who We Are

Building a disruptive educational ecosystem to drive outcomes

Based on brain science and leading instructional practice research, Learning Ally provides new, integrated tools to help educators drive sustainable transformational change in literacy leadership and student achievement. We help school systems and leaders address the equity gap through evidence-based solutions that combine early assessment, intervention, and accommodation with interactive professional development and coaching. Our programs help educators identify and prevent learning issues, allowing struggling readers to become independent, engaged learners who are empowered to achieve socially, emotionally and academically, regardless of background or learning difference.

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Our Approach

Whole Child LiteracyTM

We approach literacy skills development with a holistic lens focused on the learner as well as the educator and the system of supports surrounding the learning itself. Our Solutions address the variables that influence a child’s ability to achieve and an educator's ability to teach. Driven by the science of reading (word recognition and language comprehension) and an understanding of the cognitive variables and external influences of home and environment that may impact learning, our methodology ensures educators can effectively customize instruction to change achievement trajectories according to the needs of their students.

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Putting Research Into Practice

Powered by our learning management platform and informed by data from our ongoing research, educators, and implementations, we provide solutions and a professional community at-large to support and empower educators in their daily practice and to solve the national literacy problem.

Research and Strategic Partners

In partnership with renowned universities, state legislatures and departments of education, and strategic philanthropic partners, we are mapping how students learn to read and piloting the results of our learnings in districts across the country. We also work with technology and community partners to help address social-emotional and other environmental factors that impact a child’s ability to learn and read.

Comprehensive Solutions

We deliver solutions at the state, district, and school level. From assessments to educator success services to literacy improvement solutions, we support districts to evaluate their needs and provide targeted and customized support to achieve district literacy goals.