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Focusing on whole child literacy instruction for brighter student outcomes

Open the doors to possibility for all PreK-12 students as they learn to read and read to learn with solutions from Learning Ally. Choose from two supplemental reading resources and get ready to make a meaningful impact on student literacy. 

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Excite Reading™

Excite Reading™ develops vocabulary and background knowledge for early readers and helps them move beyond decoding to reading comprehension. This supplemental program for grades PreK-2 addresses diverse reading readiness through:

  • A library of rich, engaging e-books
  • Themes that explore gardens, insects, music and more
  • Carefully designed lessons that holistically build vocabulary and background knowledge
  • Activities creating context to deepen comprehension
  • Support for social emotional learning
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The Audiobook Solution

The Audiobook Solution (ABS), designed for grades K-12, helps educators scaffold, personalize, and differentiate instruction, and drives equity in the classroom by removing barriers to literacy, allowing students to fully participate in learning. Proven to double the rate of reading growth in just 50 days, ABS gives students:

  • Authentic, human-read narration which improves phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and fluency skills
  • A diverse library of fiction, non-fiction, and curriculum-aligned textbooks that ensures engagement and helps students see themselves in the content they read
  • Personalized online bookshelf with anytime, anywhere access
  • Improved grades, increased self-confidence, and more!
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Professional Learning Services

Learning Ally offers coaching and professional learning that explore the science of reading and help teachers develop stronger reading competency for their students' growth. We partner with districts, focusing on your district's initiatives to develop courses that combine instructional modules with communities of practice that explore and reinforce learnings as they are applied in the classroom in real time. For example, we can help:

  • Enhance your dyslexia initiatives using nueroscience and the science of reading
  • Maximize your students' outcomes with audiobooks, creating a more inclusive environment for struggling readers
  • Build and strengthen fundamental reading skills through instruction such as read-alouds/think-alouds and gradual release
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