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Learn about CORE teams (Champions of Reading Engagement), eligibility, the Learning Ally reading app, audiobook instructional strategies and progress monitoring student data on your dashboard.

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Get students reading with Learning Ally using your educator account

Learn how to use your educator account in our on demand videos.

How To Videos

Using the Learning Ally educator portal

Educator roles

All educators in a school with Learning Ally can gain access to the educator portal. Watch this video to understand how different user roles and functions let you manage your students’ accounts.

Adding educators

Share Learning Ally with more educators in your school account to help identify more students who need access to Learning Ally to achieve their academic potential. Administrators are able to add other educators to the Learning Ally educator portal.

Student stories of eligibility

Understand the four categories of eligibility for Learning Ally through the eyes of students that need access to grade level content and who will thrive with Learning Ally.

Adding students

Create student accounts to gives each student access to their own bookshelf for human-read audiobooks. Watch this video to learn how to add students so they can begin reading.

Certifying students

Students must be eligible for access to the Learning Ally solution as determined by a competent authority at the school. Watch to learn how to certify students in the educator portal.

Adding books

Learning Ally has the human-read audiobooks including literature, popular fiction and textbooks students want and need to read. Assign an unlimited number of audiobooks to student accounts.

Progress Monitor and Give At Home Access

Help students get 24/7 access to Learning Ally's high quality, human-read audiobooks and watch as they achieve reading goals and reach their academic potential.

How to Update Students (for site license accounts)

Each year, Learning Ally completes an annual reset. Students should be updated in school accounts to continue to receive access. Learn how to update students for site accounts.

How to Update Students (for seat license accounts)

Each year, Learning Ally completes an annual reset. Students should be updated in school accounts with their new grade level and school information. Learn how to update and approve students accounts or seats in the educator portal.

Tips to Maintain Your Account

Learn how to perform clean-up tasks in Learning Ally's educator portal for students pending certification and how to deactivate and edit educator accounts in the educator portal.