Use these resources to help students acheive their 33 and Me! reading goals!

Students raising hands in the classroom

Use these resources to help students acheive their 33 and Me! reading goals!

Encourage others to learn about Learning Ally and your reading success by hanging this poster about your students reading with Learning Ally's human-read audiobooks.

Learning Ally data allows us to understand the reading behaviors of students. Use the tables as you review your students’ frequency of reading. When students achieve these levels of reading at frequency over the course of a school year, they are more likely to see academic, social, and emotional ...

Need a quick and easy way to share students' Learning Ally credentials with them? Create a business card for each student! Edit the downloadable template in Word and print on Avery 5371 paper to create quick and easy handouts for each of your students.'

Encourage reading at home by explaining Learning Ally to parents. Copy and paste this letter onto your school letterhead, make your own personal adjustments and voila, you have a great way to share how Learning Ally can and should be used at home.

Depending on the technology at your school, you will be able to implement Learning Ally in different ways. Use these guidelines to determine which technology options are best for your students and your classroom. You might also get some new ideas depending on your access to technology!

Some of the most successful Learning Ally programs have a principal that is well informed and supportive of providing accommodations to struggling readers. Follow these steps to bring your principal on board with the Learning Ally solution. Download Attached PDF.