Help your students meet their comprehension goals.You're invited to help Learning Ally improve its solutions to better meet the needs of educators like you.SEE HOW


Experience has shown that educators who first make time to use Learning Ally in the classroom experience greater success in getting their students to continue its usage at home. We want to help you incorporate Learning Ally into your classroom as part of meeting your students' goals for independent reading.

Phase 1 image: teacher at desk, smiling
Phase 1: Interview

You’ll complete an interview with us to better understand your goals and needs

Phase 2 image: student reading with Learning Ally
Phase 2: Take Action

Find ways to make time for Learning Ally at school

Phase 3 Image: student at desk
Phase 3: Build Momentum

We’ll help you track student progress and see how your students engage

Dedicated Specialist

You’ll find time in the school day for your students to read with Learning Ally. We’ll provide a dedicated specialist to help you.

Help Us Help You

As you help your students, you’ll be helping us figure out how to improve so that other educators like you can use Learning Ally more effectively.

Easy Access

Throughout the pilot you will be in direct contact via SMS with a trained Learning Ally specialist assigned to your pilot program.

We Value Your Help

For helping us understand what worked and what didn’t, we’ll compensate you for your time with a $400 payment in the end.


“Learning Ally is able to do what a teacher cannot for our student with disabilities. It gives them independence. They no longer have to go to a resource room to have their texts or books read. Headphones and their mobile device is all they need. They get more time in the general education classroom and spend less time trying to figure out if they missed anything important while they were gone. This is key to developing their confidence and lets students take ownership of their learning.” Jenny Smithson (Director of Academic Program)


“Audiobooks, especially when read by humans, can be an important part of success … audiobooks expose students to academic vocabulary and the language of books and these things will ultimately make a tremendous difference to their comprehension.” Barbara Wilson
  1. Facilitate independent reading
  2. Elevate comprehension
  3. Heighten motivation

For students who struggle to read, Learning Ally audiobooks can be an important tool that helps them meet their goals for comprehension. That’s why each year over 300,000 students and their educators turn to Learning Ally’s catalogue of over 80,000 human read audiobooks in order to meet their learning goals.


Be a part of this exciting pilot, available now for registration and kick off!