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Introducing "Literacy Leadership" new podcast series with Dr. Terrie Noland, CALP

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Are you a champion of literacy in your classrooms, schools and districts? Do you seek the courage to change the way you teach reading using the latest research and evidence-based reading practices? Today in the U.S., sixty-five percent of 3rd graders do not read at grade level.1 For students at-risk, this number rises to 84%. Many of our teachers lack the formal training to teach evidence-based reading instruction to diverse student populations.2  All of these challenges add up to a nation in a literacy crisis. 

Smash the Literacy Divide

If you are searching for new knowledge about reading, tools and resources that will support reading skill practice, and professional learning and coaching, you’ll want to learn more about a new podcast series on Spotify, "Literacy Leadership," with Dr. Terrie Noland, CALP.  Dr. Noland is the V.P. of Learning Ally's Educator's Initiatives, and a Certified Academic Language Practitioner. Her passion runs deep for kids who are challenged by reading and the educators that surround them. For 25 years, she has put her energy into education and literacy; first as a teacher and administrator, and now for Learning Ally, a nonprofit with a mission dedicated to "Literacy for All."  

Building a Culture of Literacy

Terrie’s strengths lie in her ability to relate to, educate, motivate, and inspire others, especially educators. In her podcasts, she discusses evidence-based reading practices, and fosters the development of  "whole child learning” and educator empowerment. She reinforces structured literacy instruction combined with reading practice for students who struggle to decode, comprehend, and read fluently, so they can be successful reading on their intellectual level. 

The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Curious

It’s what you learn after you think you know it all. This podcast series focuses on pedagogical practices to create effective learning environments. It connects educators with a like minded community who seek a new vision for literacy, and a chance to grow and hone their PD skills in reading instruction. Listen to a podcast now and become a part of a group dynamic who want to smash the literacy divide. 

Now is the Time to Move Forward. 

Dr. Noland will be talking with Larry Jacobs, EdTalk Radio on May 27 at 9:00 am Est. about her new podcast series, and the upcoming Spotlight on Dyslexia virtual conference. 

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