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Five Reasons to Share Your Class’ Great Reading Games Success

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Schools across the country will celebrate their participation in the Great Reading Games (GRG) over the next few months. Why? Because students have been reading more pages than ever before during this national reading event that celebrates and recognizes struggling readers for building strong reading habits. Here are the top five reasons to party with balloons, pizza and cupcakes, invite parents, students and other educators, and share your class’ Great Reading Games Success.

#5. School board members can feel involved in your class’ accomplishments.

Send a note to the school board to invite them and other school leaders to join your celebration. Consider inviting one who is passionate about reading to speak at the GRG celebration to the importance of reading and the students’ commitment to completing the challenge

#4. Other educators will understand the power of human-read audiobooks to support struggling readers.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Learning Ally is a multi-sensory reading accommodation designed to help students with reading deficits bridge the gap between their reading ability and cognitive capability. Have a school-wide assembly to let other educators see the growth and excitement of your struggling readers as they blossom into successful readers. They will see first-hand the positive impact human-read audiobooks have had on your students.

#3. Keep parents aware of reading initiatives.

Parental or adult support is so important in the success of students. Help parents stay informed about reading initiatives in your classroom and school by inviting them to a Great Reading Games celebration. Have students design an invitation to take home to encourage parents to attend.

#2. Establish a culture of personalized learning to meet the needs of students.

Each student learns in a different way and has varying needs for support on their educational journey. Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks and the Great Reading Games allows educators to personalize instruction by giving struggling readers access to grade-level content  and helps students become engaged learners. Celebrating participation in the Games helps encourage a culture of supporting students varying needs. During your celebration, speak to the power of Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks in how they met the needs of your struggling readers.

Students receiving Great Reading Game award

#1. Encourage positive experiences with reading and learning in all students.

Students who struggle to read normally do not enjoy reading for class assignments or reading for pleasure. Many times they have had negative experiences with reading and it has impacted their social-emotional well-being. Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks enable struggling readers to successfully read the required text for class and have the content knowledge to participate in class. Students start to develop an appreciation for reading and will start to read books their peers are reading as well. Pass out certificates of participation and special prizes for each student who completed a reading milestone.

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