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We offer valuable information and free public webinars to any parent that is looking for help for their dyslexic child. 

Parents that become Learning Ally members receive additional benefits, tools, and support. Our parent support team will help you craft a plan for your child’s long-term success and help you find the right reading help. We’ll show you how to jump start your child’s learning with our library of over 75,000 audiobooks. And through our webinars, we’ll give you tips on how to become an even more effective advocate for your child, and connect you with experts and other parents so you always have the support you need.

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We will help guide you to reading programs that are specifically designed to teach dyslexics to read and are proven to work. We will help you evaluate options for getting reading services for your child based on your school and personal circumstances.

"We were having trouble finding a good reading tutor, given our location. After speaking with a parent support specialist, we found a tutor and now things are turning around."

-Rebecca S., mother of a 6th grade dyslexic student

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Audiobooks are a proven resource to help improve learning when reading is a struggle. Studies show grades and test scores improve when audiobooks are incorporated into a child’s regimen. Learning Ally’s collection of 75,000 human-narrated audiobooks will help your child thrive – and our agents are here should you need any help getting started!

"After many years of being behind in reading, my son increased two grade levels last year. I believe much credit has to be given to audiobooks through Learning Ally. Audiobooks gave my son a love for literature even when he did not love to read. Now, his vocabulary, reading skills, and fluency are improving. Thanks, Learning Ally!"

-Karen, mother of a home schooled dyslexic child

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Our tagline is “Together It’s Possible” because we know no one succeeds alone. We help our members not only through direct services but also by connecting them to others through a variety of online programs, social media, and real world events that you can’t find anywhere else.

"Getting involved with social media, webinars and community events has really empowered our family. We know more, we’ve connected with other parents and their children. And honestly? We just feel less alone."

-Caroline K., mother of a 5th grade dyslexic student

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We all want what’s best for our children, but it’s often hard to make that happen when your child has a learning difference. We have extensive experience in helping parents develop the skills to know not only what to ask for but how to ask for help for their child to ensure the best chance of success, in a wide variety of settings, both inside and outside of school. Ultimately, we look to develop children who can grow up and advocate for themselves effectively by confidently embracing who they are and understanding their differences and needs.

"In the beginning, I had no idea what to do. It was as if the teachers and administrators were speaking another language. With Learning Ally’s guidance, I know what I need to do in school and how to go about getting it."

-Amy A., champion for Maya, an 8th grade dyslexic student

Learn more about our dyslexia resources and how our parent support team helps advocate for their own children.

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