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Step 1: Access

Access and set up in your school

Learning Ally will give your students equitable access to content, save you time and allow you to see students’ lives transformed! Next steps:

Determine which students are eligible

The Audiobook Solution is designed for students with a reading deficit who struggle with:

  • decoding
  • fluency
  • comprehension

A Qualified Educator must identify and confirm eligible students. At least 20% of your school enrollment may qualify and early identification is critical to their success.

Technology: Get your IT team and devices ready to use Learning Ally

Students can access Learning Ally on any device at your school, so you should:

Roles & Settings: Adding educators and setting roles

The more educators in your school with access to Learning Ally, the more students will have access. Consider the following as you learn about Learning Ally's educator roles:

  • Administrators who can maintain your account
  • Qualifiers to identify and confirm student access
  • Instructors who can progress monitor and personalize instruction for each student
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