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Monthly Giving Program

Become a Student Advocate

With an annual pledge to our monthly giving program, you can have a major impact on thousands of students who are blind, visually impaired or have a reading based learning difference like dyslexia.

Your sustaining gift will provide students with the resources they need to gain confidence, excel in the classroom, and reach their academic and professional potential.

Sponsor a Subscription for a Year

For just 33¢ a day or $10 a month you can sponsor an annual audiobook subscription that will help to transform the life of a student who struggles to read the printed word.

Sponsor a Student Subscription & Support Services

For just 60¢ a day or $18 a month you can sponsor an audiobook subscription for a student and support educational programs like our educator, parent, and student webinars.

Sponsor a College Success Program Student

For 83¢ a day or $25 a month, you can sponsor 2 college students who are blind or visually impaired in our College Success Program with an annual audiobook subscription including textbooks.

Support the Production of an Audiobook

For only $62.50 a month you can support the production of an audiobook and provides access to critical reading materials that over 250,000 students will use over their lifetime.

Kids with hands raised in classroom

Help Unlock a Child’s Academic Potential

Support the Production of an Audiobook

"On Giving Tuesday, someone expressed a sadness that people don't give every day. I told him he may not see it but people really do. I do. To show my commitment, I am donating $12 per day to a different nonprofit every day of 2017 to show the diversity and beauty of what people can find in the nonprofit world. As a person who not lonely loves, but also needs to read, I love what you Learning Ally offers. Thank you." - Marci, Learning Ally Supporter

young girl student smiling at the camera while holding a tablet in a classroom

Sponsor a College Success Program Student

Learning Ally’s College Success Program give college students who are blind or visually impaired the support needed to navigate their college journey. Mentors are ready to help students not only succeed in school but also help develop careers as a person who is blind.

2 male and 2 female blind college students with mentor smiling at camera

Sponsor a Student Subscription

"Learning ally has been an amazing experience for our family. This program has allowed our child to thrive in the classroom. It has given him the ability to stay on pace with his classmates and feel like a regular student. When he told me he wasn't struggling anymore since using Learning Ally I was overwhelmed with joy. A parent who has a child with learning difficulties simply wants to help with the struggle and that is exactly what this program does."

-Amanda, Learning Ally Parent


Sponsor Audiobook Production

While our volunteers generously provide many hours of service,  it still costs an average of $750 to produce and audiobook. Your monthly commitment will help defer those costs and get another audiobook into our library and into the hands and devices of our students.

female volunteer recording audiobook in studio

Become a Learning Ally today and enjoy:

  • A subscription to our monthly e-newsletters where you can find the latest research and programs for students who struggle to read the printed word.
  • Invitations to events in your community.
  • Secure, hassle free, automatic donations from your debit or credit card.
  • Annual tax receipt statements for tax purposes.