Fireside Chat with Andre Agassi

Founder of the Andre Agassi Education Foundation

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Hear Andre Agassi share his journey from World Ranked #1 tennis player to education advocate with Learning Ally CEO Andrew Friedman. Learn how the work he does with his foundation has convinced him that early literacy is critical for lifelong success!

About Andre Agassi:

Andre Agassi is a former #1 tennis player. He retired from professional tennis in 2006 and started the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education. The organization’s mission is dedicated to transforming education to create opportunities for children. “In my earlier adult years, tennis was all I knew. And it served me well. But as I looked to create new meaning in my life, I recognized that education is the key to opportunity, giving children options and the freedom to shape their own future.”

“I’ve chosen to focus my life’s work on delivering equitable education for underserved populations. There is an urgent need to improve education and deliver better outcomes for the students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This has to start with early literacy. I’m inspired by some of the innovative work I see taking place, science/researched based and am dedicated to taking these important breakthroughs forward at scale, to accelerate our progress and help more kids sooner. My goal is to work with partners and educators to bring about systemic changes that are sustainable. This vision guides my work and I’m excited to meet with like minded individuals, to share and discuss.”