The Intersection of Executive Functions and Reading Comprehension: Technology to Support this Merger

Presented by Nanci King Shepardson

Executive Functioning impacts a student’s ability to comprehend text. Attendees will understand the term Executive Functions and how these essential skills impact a person’s ability to make sense of what is read. Technological tools, both low and high-tech, provide scaffolding for this essential skill. Participants will learn about these tools and how to match the right tool to the right student to facilitate positive student outcomes in reading comprehension.

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Session Objectives

  • Attendees will leave this session with a clear understanding of what Executive Functions are and why they impact reading comprehension;
  • Strategies, both low tech and high tech will be presented; and
  • Attendees will leave with a list of valuable technological options that can scaffold and augment their instruction to all their students, and especially those students who struggle to comprehend text.

More about the speaker

Nanci Shepardson is a Reading and Educational Specialist with an M.S.Ed. in Language and Literacy and an Ed.S. in Assistive Technology.

She is a seasoned teacher and a credentialed K-12 Reading Specialist. She is a published author, an advocate for students with disabilities and their families, and is also a professional speaker on Dyslexia, language-based disabilities, and assistive technology throughout the country.

Equity and access for all, especially regarding access to research-based reading instruction and assistive technology services, are at the forefront of the work she does.