There is NO Correlation Between Ease of Learning to Read and "IQ"

Lois Letchford
Speaker, Author, Educator

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In 1996, the school diagnostician labeled Lois' son, the "worst child ever seen."

Lois knew there was a disconnect between the child she knew and the one described. The goal of this label, this stamp, was to condemn. This statement caused Lois to re-think teaching, responding, "If he is the worst ever, then don't expect him to learn like everyone else." This exchange is why Lois is here today. These circumstances turned her into a reading specialist as she uncovered fundamental assumptions and flaws in the teaching process, which commonly leave vulnerable students behind.

By applying the psychology of "how children learn," Lois encourages teachers to explore techniques that actively engage students in creating meaning as they read, just as skilled readers do. The solutions she created have teachers both thinking and laughing.


About the Presenter

Lois Letchford's dyslexia came to light at the age of 39, when she faced teaching her seven-year-old non-reading son, Nicholas. Examining her reading failure caused her to adapt and change lessons for her son and ultimately many other children. Lois qualified as a reading specialist in both Australia and the United States. She received her Master's degree in reading from State University of New York, Albany, and presents at numerous international conferences on reading, dyslexia, and learning disabilities. Her non-traditional background, multi-continental experience, and her passion to assist other failing students have equipped her with a unique skillset and perspective. As a teacher, she considers herself a "literacy problem-solver." Reversed: A Memoir is her first book. In this story, she details her son's dramatic failure in first grade, and his journey to academic success, prompting Lois' passion.

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