The Intersection of Dyslexia, Reading Disorders, and Language Disorders

Maggie Kjer
Director, Pearson Clinical

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This session will address the connection between language disorders and reading disorders, including dyslexia. Further discussion will focus on the impact these issues have on learning and academic performance. A diagnostic model of dyslexia including symptoms, causes/correlates, and risk factors (Breaux & Eichstadt, 2017) will be presented.  This diagnostic model provides a guide for the assessment of important factors in determining the presence of dyslexia. Finally, the presenter will discuss aspects of the school professional's role within an RtI/MTSS model, related to treatment for children with reading disorders such as dyslexia.

About the Presenter

Dr. Maggie Kjer is currently the Director for Pearson Clinical; Eastern Region. Maggie’s background is in special education, reading, and assessment. Maggie’s teaching career spans over 20 years and includes teaching experiences on three continents and several different states. Maggie primarily worked in self-contained EBD programs where her reading specialty allowed her to provide relevant assessment and instruction to marginalized youth. She has been with Pearson since 2000 and currently resides in Georgia with her husband, 4 Golden Retrievers and 2 Yorkies. Maggie is a member of Phi Delta Kappa International.

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