How to Screen for Dyslexia

Barbara Steinberg
PDX Reading Specialist

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It takes four times as long to intervene in fourth grade as it does in late kindergarten because of brain development and the increase in content for students to learn as they grow older (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development). As a result, screening for the warning signs of dyslexia has become a top priority for educators working with early elementary students. But how do you screen? What does the data mean? How do you communicate with parents?

In this engaging, information-filled session, Barbara Steinberg will share with attendees:

  • The components of a dyslexia screener
  • How to administer a screener
  • How to interpret the data
  • What to do once you’ve screened

About the Presenter

Barbara Steinberg has been educating, mentoring and inspiring students and educators for over 25 years, first as a classroom teacher and now as a dyslexia and educational consultant. She is the founder and owner of PDX Reading Specialist, an organization whose mission is to Inspire Individuals to Become CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners through remediation, accommodation, and inspiration. Barbara is passionate about educating and supporting those who work with struggling learners, and when not working with students herself, shares her wealth of knowledge and years of experience with fellow educators, parents, and students themselves.

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