The Role of Cognition in Reading and Literacy Skills and the Impact on Students with Dyslexia

Kristin Barbour
Executive Director - National Institute for Learning Development

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This session will explore the role of underlying cognitive processes in the acquisition of reading and the reading process. Recent findings from brain imaging studies and cognitive research related to various aspects of the reading process will be reviewed, with educational practice and intervention design implications for students with dyslexia. This session will conclude with an interactive discussion of practical application suggestions.

About the Presenter

Kristin is the Executive Director of the National Institute for Learning Development, a U.S. based non-profit educator training organization. Kristin completed her EdD at Johns Hopkins University in the Mind, Brain, and Teaching specialization. Her dissertation focused on developing educational therapists’ knowledge, efficacy beliefs, and instructional practices related to developing a growth mindset in students with learning disabilities. For 15 years, Kristin has provided national and international educational workshops on research-based instructional practices to develop students’ thinking and learning abilities.

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