Introducing the Core Curriculum

We've created a set of core resources to help you identify and get support in the areas where you need it the most.

Communicating with Your Professors

Advocate for yourself to your professors with confidence and competence, and keep the momentum going throughout the semester.

Explore Communicating with Your Professors

Discovering Technology

You know technology is important, but do you feel confident applying it in a college setting? Evaluate the skills you already have and discover ways you can improve your tech proficiency.

Explore Discovering Technology

Learning Effectively

You're keeping up, but you are still searching for ideas about strategic independence, participating fully in classes and studying more effectively.

Explore Learning Effectively

Making Connections

Get involved with activities on campus and in the BVI community.

Explore Making Connections

Partnering with the DSO

On campus resources are available but need you to be effective. Learn about your legal entitlements and get started with partnership.

Explore Partnering with the DSO