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The Road to Oz

by L. Frank Baum


U.S. Imperialism Has Lost the Cold War.... That's what the Socialist Workers Party concluded in the wake of the collapse of regimes and parties across Eastern Europe and in the USSR that claimed to be Communist. Contrary to imperialism's hopes, the working class in those countries has not been crushed. It remains an intractable obstacle to reimposing and stabilizing capitalist relations, one that will have to be confronted by the exploiters in class battlesin a hot war. Issue no. 11 of the Marxist magazine New International analyzes the propertied rulers' failed expectations and charts a course for revolutionaries in response to the renewed rise of worker and farmer resistance to the economic and social instability, spreading wars, and rightist currents bred by the world market system. It explains why the historic odds in favor of the working class have increased, not diminished, at the opening of the 21st century.Also includes:The Communist Strategy of Party Building Today by Mary-Alice WatersSocialism: A Viable Option by Jose Ramon BalaguerYoung Socialists ManifestoOurs Is the Epoch of World Revolution by Jack Barnes and Mary-Alice Waters

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