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Free Webinar: Experience LD with Kristin Barbour

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Kristin Barbour webinar

Have you ever wondered what having a learning disability is like for a child?

Kristin BarbourThis free 90-minute webinar with Kristin Barbour, Executive Director for the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD), presents participants with a unique exploration of the characteristics of learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Participants will engage in tasks that explore learning activities based on auditory and visual perceptual skills. Research has indicated that auditory and visual discrimination, memory, figure-ground, and attention significantly impact learning.  When perceptual vulnerabilities are present students can appear disinterested in learning or worse, choose to engage in inappropriate behaviors in order to shift the focus from their learning challenges. The information you will learn in this webinar includes:
  • Identifying three phases of the learning process
  • Recognizing auditory and visual processing skills needed to learn and their impact on classroom performance
  • Differentiating classroom behavioral problems, low motivation, and learning disabilities
  • Learning classroom strategies and home activities to develop processing skills

"Walk a Mile in Their Shoes" slide handout

About our presenter: Kristin Barbour is the Executive Director for the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). Since 1973, NILD has built the competence and confidence of those who struggle to learn by training educators, developing students’ minds through learning programs, and implementing research-based, best practice interventions to bring lasting change for struggling learners. Prior to working at NILD, Kristin worked as an inpatient speech-language pathologist at Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters in Virginia. For over a decade Kristin has presented seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on topics related to learning disabilities, dyslexia, and cognitive development for parents and educators. In addition to being an NILD educational therapist she is also an authorized trainer in the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program.

About this webinar series: Learning Ally is proud to partner with leading experts in the learning disabilities and assistive technology fields. On a regular basis, we sponsor free webinars for students, their parents and educators - providing a wealth of practical information on resources and accommodations for individuals who learn differently.