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Teen Dyslexia Advocates Go Face-to-Face with Colorado Governor

Categories: Learning Disabilities, Public Policy/Advocacy

Teen dyslexia advocatesTeen dyslexia ambassadors of YES!, a youth program run by the Rocky Mountain Branch of the International Dyslexia Association designed to help students with learning disabilities recognize their strengths and learn to self-advocate, sat down with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to discuss dyslexia. Hickenlooper himself is dyslexic, and his story is a sterling example of someone with dyslexia achieving great success, despite a lifelong struggle with reading. Hickenlooper had some words of encouragement to share with students who have dyslexia: "We clearly see now that not only is dyslexia not something to drag you down, but in some ways it does allow people to develop other skills and expand aspects of their personality—  in fact, many successful people are dyslexic. "Everyone is unique in their own way, and we all try to adapt to our environment. I think the key is that with the right support and the right teachers, pretty much anybody can do anything. My advice would be, don’t settle for less. If you can dream it, or imagine it, go for it."

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